• R. Brummet, O. Chipara, C. Lu
    Flow Centric Reliability Modeling for Real-Time Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks
    Coming Soon
  • S-S. Hasan, R. Brummet, O. Chipara, Y.-H. Wu
    Assessing the Performance of Hearing Aids using Surveys and Audio Data Collected In Situ
    MiSeNet (INFOCOM 2017 Workshop)
    Note: Invited paper
  • Y.-H. Wu, H.-C. Ho, S.-H. Hsiao, R. Brummet, O. Chipara
    Predicting 3-month and 12-month Post-Fitting Real-World Hearing Aid Outcome using Pre-fitting Acceptable Noise Level (ANL)
    International Journal of Audiology, 2016
  • S. S. Hasan, R. B. Brummet, O. Chipara, Y.-H. Wu, T. Yang
    In-situ Measurement and Prediction of Hearing Aid Outcomes Using Mobile Phones
    International Workshop on Smart and Connected Health (SCH 2015)